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What Are Affirmative Therapy Products?

The Affirmative Therapy for Caregivers CD is for family and facility caregivers. The positive messages on this CD affirm the importance of their nurturing role and help reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and fatigue sometimes experienced with care giving. Caregivers are reminded of the healing potential of their loving presence.
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The Affirmative Therapy for Memory and Cognitive Challenges CD is intended to support health and well-being for people with memory and cognitive challenges. The positive message and inspirational music promote relaxation.
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Affirmative Therapy Products© are based on and inspired by the clinical and research findings of Barbara Derrick, PhD in South Carolina. For more information about her work, refer to her article published in the September/October 2007 issue of Venture Inward magazine.

Read Dr. Donna McCullough's articles,"Caring From the Heart" (June 10, 2010) and "Well hello there! I am so happy to see You" (September 10, 2010) first appeared on the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

Personal and professional development leader Mark Romero interviewed Barbara Klein-Robuck and Dr. Donna McCullough on his radio program, "Harmonize Your Life". Hear the entire interview here.

Barbara Klein-Robuck and Dr. Donna McCullough were interviewed recently by blogger Shelly Rachanow, author of the books, "If Women Ran the World Sh*t Would Get Done" and "What Would YOU Do If You Ran the World?". Click here to read the full interview.


Why Use Affirmative
Therapy Products?

These CDs offer the opportunity to enhance the positive aspects of any environment with minimal time requirement. They promote relaxation and enhance self esteem.

Additionally, the CDs are:

•Easy to implement
•See "What People Are Saying", below
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How to Use Affirmative Therapy Products

The Affirmative Therapy for Caregivers CD is designed for use on a break from care giving activities. It can also be played first thing in the morning and last thing at night. For maximum benefit, listen at least ten minutes daily for 30 days.

Play the Affirmative Therapy for Memory and Cognitive Challenges CD at the end of the day when getting ready to go to sleep and again upon awakening.

For maximum benefit, play the CD twice a day for at least 30 days and also whenever you want to promote relaxation and reconnect with the positive messages. It is OK to fall asleep while listening.

Playing the CD as a group activity can help to promote serenity and calmness in their environment. The positive messages can increase receptivity to redirection.

This CD is not a substitute for medical care, but may be used as a supplemental tool to relieve some symptoms of dementia such as anxiety, agitation and depression.

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Articles and Research

Affirmative Therapy is a well-researched and documented concept. Feel free to browse our research and informative articles

Our Research
Alzheimer's Project Brief, by Barbara Derrick, PhD and A.C. Holler, Jr. DMin
Overcoming Alzheimer's: Helping Wally, reprinted with permission from the American Holistic Health Association.

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What People Are Saying

"I love the CD's. My mom is 87 and lives with me.  Physically she is quite healthy but her mind is no longer her own. She used to spend her days crying and whining about everything.  Her speech is no longer understandable most of the time. She was wanting to spend her days in bed. She had all but quit eating and drinking.  She would act like there was something wrong with her throat or stomach to the point where my sister wanted to medicate her for it.

I ordered the CD's. I received them on Tuesday after Labor Day and put it in her CD player on repeat that evening.  It played all night.  The next morning I walked in to find her sitting in her chair looking out the window.  I was eating a banana and I offered some to her.  She looked straight at me and said, "MMMM, thank you" and proceeded to eat. Her appetite returned that morning and hasn't been an issue since.  She is also drinking well again.  And she has stopped with the whining and crying.  The CD now plays along with 24 other classical music CDs in her changer.  If she looks or acts distressed, I just fast forward to it and ask her to listen closely.  So thank you

I also listen to the caregiver CD at night when I lie down to sleep. Only once through though, not on repeat, lol.  It does help relax me and I fall asleep easily.  I have been telling my friends with parents in similar situations about the CD's. I am the only one among them who is the primary care giver for a parent so they are not so anxious to try it but I have been suggesting that they tell the homes where their parents are in about this.  I am very grateful for this find.  Have a blessed day."
—Sandy W. (Davisburg, Michigan)

"Your meditation CDs were remarkable. I thought the verbal pacing of the one for dementia patients was very appropriate for possible delays in verbal processing. The prosody of the verbal style also invokes a soothing emotional response even if a patient's verbal processing is poor. I loved the emotional support offered for the care-givers for their own well-being, laced with encouragement to see their role and their work as vital, important and influential in the day-to-day sense of well-being experienced by their loved one for whom they are responsible."
—Barbara Welsh-Osga, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

"This program is outstanding because it uniquely addresses both the relationship between the elder and caregiver, as well as roles and feelings of both. Caregivers experience a "paradigm shift" in the way they view their mission to help provide quality care. The program helps those in need feel supported and calm. It has helped with my mother’s care in her home, and will also be beneficial for institutional trainings."
—Mary Kay Riley, President, Creative Work/Life Strategies

"These CDs are very beneficial to my residents."
—Lisa Jimenez, Owner and Director of Del Sol facilities in Mission Viejo, California

"Listening to the caregivers CD has helped me with the slight depression I feel. It reinforces my desire to carry out my care taking responsibilities with a lighter heart and has a calming effect on my frustrations. I recommend this CD for a care giver in any kind of a situation."
—Evelyn Johnson, caregiver

"I have been listening to this CD of affirmations at night for several months now and I Love It. It has helped me feel better about others, myself and my surroundings. It encourages me to do better with my memory and other health issues."
—Patrick L. Johnson, PhD, dementia patient

"The residents found the CD to be very relaxing."
—Alejandra Fernandez, Facility Caregiver

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Developed by:

Barbara Klein-Robuck, M.S., R.N.
Donna McCullough, Ph.D.

Barbara Klein-Robuck,

Donna McCullough,


Barbara Klein-Robuck and Dr. Donna McCullough are available to speak at professional meetings, community support groups and inservice training programs. Read Dr. Donna McCullough's article on her personal experience of helping a loved one cope with cognitive decline. "Caring From the Heart" was a June 10, 2010 entry on the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

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Mark Romero - Founder and CEO Sound Healer, Professional Guitarist & Speaker. Recognized as a global leader in both personal and professional development, mark Romero, founder and CEO of Mark Romero Music, Inc. has successfully led high impact solutions for thousands of individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs through his proprietary music technology, creating extraordinary levels of consciousness.

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